BestDirect 6.02 Features

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BEST DIRECT debuted in August 1998 as the online order entry system for Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. It was an immediate success with investors. The system has been built with the features professional traders demand --ease of operation and risk control that is second to none. Virtually every developer, designer and engineer involved in the creation of this system has years of experience in trading the markets, so we understand what it takes to trade. We’re proud that customers have rated our BEST Direct Customer Service Department one of the best in the industry. They will help you get started and work with you until you are satisfied you have a good grasp of the system. They are also available to answer technical questions at any time during the trading day. Their sole responsibility is to assist you and they stand ready.

The recently released 6.02 version is a testament to PFG’s commitment to quality. It is the goal of BEST Direct not just to be good, but to continue to be considered the BEST of its kind.

Some of the features of the 6.02 version are :

Multiple Accounts allows a trader with numerous accounts to manage each separately, but simultaneously, on one screen
Quote Window provides real-time quotes with bid/ask with option for multiple market viewing
Continually updated Account Status with streaming real-time P/L
Real-Time Price Ladder highlights the “last” in the center for ease of placing limit and stop orders
Price Box features drop down prices
Accepts Limit, GTC, Stop, Market and MIT orders
Performance Summary gives you a statistical view of your trading day
Quick Trade ticket streamlines trading one specific market at a time – use multiple Quick Trade tickets, if desired 
Join the Bid or Ask in one click
Order Management section shows all your trades placed through BEST Direct – working, filled, cancelled or rejected orders are color coded for easy viewing
Messaging Function gives you a channel of communication directly to the trading desk
Refresh Function has updated positions and reporting information in the event your internet connection is ever lost