SSF Simulated Trading

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Test trade the newest, most exciting new futures contracts - Single Stock Futures - and be ahead of the curve. With Best Test you can have access to 100 stocks futures contracts and trade them on simulation. You can benefit from both the rise and fall of a stock by buying or selling a futures contract.


Be among the first to learn how to trade these revolutionary new contracts!

You will receive a $50,000 "virtual" BEST Test trading account. With this simulated account you can trade any, or all, of the Single Stock Futures available to trade at this time. These contracts are based on live markets traded on OneChicago and NQLX exchanges.

We encourage you to trade as much as you can to fully experience what it will be like when trading a real BEST Direct online trading platform. With BEST Test you can speak with a broker dedicated to helping you achieve your trading objectives.

More and more traders and investors today are looking at the practicalities, efficiencies and opportunities in online trading. Today is your chance to do it without expending any capital.

To obtain a for BEST Test account and start simulated trading, click here.